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Second Hand Computer Price in Nehru Place Delhi - Old used Desktop PC Price by Dealers

Listing of Second hand computer price and Dealers dealing in second hand PCs in Nehru Place Market

Price List of Hot Selling Second Hand Computers available is given below:

Second Hand Computers Price List

Brand Name
Model & Configuration
Unit Price (INR)
Offered by
AssembledAssembled - Old PC Intel i-3 Processor with 4 GB Memory and 320 GB Hard disk Drive, Keyboard+ Mouse, 17 inches LCD, Speakers, Dust Covers16000
AssembledPentium PC - Intel i3 3rd Gen CPU and 2 GB, 500 GB GB HDD and montior - very rarely used computer, newly condition15000
DellSecond Hand Desktop - Intel i-3 Processor, 320 GB Hard Disk, 2 GB RAM, DVD Writer, 15 inch AOC TFT Monitor with Speakers and UPS in Working Condition15000
IT Station
HPDual Core - Intel Dual Core Processor, 4-GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, DVD Drive, Keyboard, Mouse, 15 inches TFT Monitor13000
Pronet Systems
HPOld Desktop PC - Intel i5 3rd Gen CPU, 8-GB RAM, 500 GB GB HDD, 15.6 inches LED Monitor, KB Mouse great condition desktop20500
Leaf Infosystem
HPL23442 - Second Hand Computer - Intel i-3 Processor, 8-GB, 500 GB HDD, DVD Writer, Keyboard-Mouse, 17 inches TFT Monitor - working OK16500
2nd Systems Computers
IBMOld IBM PC - Old IBM PC - Pentium with 512 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Disk, CD Drive, Sound Card and Speakers - Black color , CRY Scrren6500
LenovoSecond Hand PC - Processcor - Intel i3 3rd Gen, RAM 4 GB, 500 GB GB HDD, Keyboard , Mouse, 15 inches LED Monitor15500
LenovoI-5 Used PC - Just purchased Intel i-5 Processor, RAM 4-GB , 500 GB HDD, Keyboard, Mouse, 15 inches LED Monitor17500
LenovoDual Core - Dual Core Processor and 1GB RAM with 320 GB HDD, Keyboard + Mouse, 15 inches CRT12500
Leaf Infosystem
LocalPentium-4 - P4 PC with 512 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard Disk and CD ROM Drive with old type CRT Monitor4500
Local AssembledUsed Dual Core PC - AMD Processor, 8-GB, 500 GB HDD, DVD Drive, Keyboard , Mouse,Full Multimedia with Intex Speakers, 15 inches TFT Monitor14500
Ravi Kumar
Local MadeSecond Hand Desktop - Personal Desktop for Sale, Core 2 Duo with 4 GB and 320 GB, Unmatched Price - hurry up14500
Pronet Systems

Second Hand Desktop PC & Used Laptop Dealers List

1. 2nd Computers, Nehru Place - deals in Old used PCs and other used hardware items

2. Trade Link Computers Pvt. Ltd. - Nehru Place deals in Second Hand PCs and Laptops in a very reasonable price

3. Marc Computers - Nehru Place - one of the big Old computer hardware and second hand laptops dealer.

4. Dimppy Systems - Also deals in Old computer hardware

5. Pronet Systems - Dealer of Old and used computer hardware

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Second Hand Laptop Second Hand Desktop Second Hand Tablet PC Second Hand TFT/LED
Second Hand Motherboard Second Hand CPU Second Hand RAM Second Hand Hard disk

Old used computers and second hand monitors are needed in case of requirement of second hand PC or laptops as low cost factor is concerned

Almost all brands and assembled second hand desktop computers and used laptops are available in nehru place

Most of the times the branded used desktop computer is needed for a short term high quality project whereas other time the assembled second hand old PC is required for a simple work. It all depends on what type of work one want to take from them. So whatever one want to buy, be it a old used hardware item Old RAM, Used Monitor or any other computer hardware component which can be available old, it is available in the nehru place market. Always remember the used or old hardware items should always be check properly and tested at the dealer place before buying it as these items only carry testing warranty maximum upto one month only

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