Specifications of Lenovo brand - Lenovo IdeaPad 65W Laptop Charger (Dealer's Price: INR 1249)

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for INR 1290

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The detailed specifications of Lenovo ideapad 65W laptop charger along with its price for July 2022 and offering dealer details are given below:

Brand Name: Lenovo
Model Name: IdeaPad 65W Laptop Laptop Charger
Specification: Lenovo IdeaPad 65W Laptop Charger
Unit Price:
 ₹ 1249
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for INR 1290
Tax: Inclusive
Min. Quantity: Minimum quantity required to buy - 1
Presently In Stock: YES
Condition: Brand New
Where to Buy / Price Offered by: Where to buy Lenovo ideapad 65W laptop charger:
Dealer - Tyagi Computers
Contact Person: Ajay Tyagi
Address: 2nd Floor, Shakuntla Building
Nehru Place
New Delhi
Mobile Numbers: 9053214133, 
Land-line Phone Numbers: 9053214133
Dealer Email ID:
Dealer Description: Tyagi computers is one of the oldest computer shops when there was the era of 386 and 486 computers. We do the sale and repairs of all type of computers, laptops and tablets. We also deal in Servers, Networking Racks etc. We an also help you buy the Apple products like MacBook and iphones.
Dealer Website: http://www.tyagicomputers.com

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