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Refund Policy is a leading web portal of biggest Indian computer Hardware Market known as "Nehru Place" located in New Delhi. All the dealers are Free to register in this website and post their normal business profile listing. However, few types of Dealer Registrations are PAID in this website which differentiate these from free registration in terms of listing serial of Dealer's Business Listing and other premium features like showcasing their products list (listing their own product prices on product price list web-pages), getting a "Trust Seal", creating their eShop etc.

Following are the list of PAID services which are being offered currently on

1. Dealer Registration
2. Basic Registration
3. Premium Registration
4. Dealer eShop Registration offers a 30 DAYS "NO QUESTION ASKED" REFUND on all these above mentioned Paid Registration services, which means the full amount you have paid for Registration will be refunded to you if you simply ask for refund via email within 30 days from Date of Payment on submitting the transaction No. and Payment Confirmation Email. The refund request will only be accepted on Email which must have the transaction number of the successful payment done and Payment confirmation Email which shows that you have done a payment for a particular Registration Type on a particular date. Please note that you must send the refund request email within 30 days from the payment date and no refund request will be accepted after 30 days of Payment date.

In case of any doubts/ complaints or disputes you can write us at

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