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Motherboard Buyer Guide

Product Guide for all computer hardware components like Motherboard is published as buyer guide

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Place to know about all IT System, Motherboard  information, Computer hardware parts Technical Specifications guide.

The whole computer is built up around a motherboard, and it is the most important component in the PC. The motherboard is a large printed circuit board, which has lots of chips, connectors and other electronics mounted on it. Computer nerds simply call it a motherboard.

Inside the PC, data is constantly being exchanged between or via the various devices shown below in figure. Most of the data exchange takes place on the motherboard itself, where all the components are connected to each other.

Motherboard Guide

In relation to the PC’s external devices, the motherboard functions like a central railway station i.e. a junction of all devices as shown below in figure.
All traffic originates from or ends up in the motherboard; which is appropriately called the most important component of the PC

Motherboard guide Pic

Find a Suiitable Motherboard

Physically, the motherboard is really just a big plastic sheet i.e. PCB (printed circuit board) which is full of electrical conductors generally copper. The conductors (also called tracks) run across and down, and in several layers, in order to connect all the individual components, and transfer data between them.
The motherboard is mounted in the PC box using small plastic brackets and screws. The cabinet and the motherboard are made to suit each other, so there are holes in the metal for the connectors mounted on the board. Finally, the motherboard has to be connected to the PC’s power supply installed in the cabinet. This is done using a standard connector. Following is the picture of a standard motherboard.

Motherboard Guide Pic3
There are various types of components mounted on the motherboard, which one need to know about and identify these before buying the motherboard.


The active devices on the motherboard are gathered together in chips. These are tiny electronic circuits which are crammed with transistors are also called surface mounted devices i.e. SMDs. The chips have various functions as described below:

  • ROM chips, which store the BIOS and other programs.
  • CMOS storage battery, which contains user-defined data used by the setup program.
  • The chipset, which normally consists of two, so-called controllers, which incorporate a number of very essential functions.

One will also find diffrent sockets on a motherboard. These sockets are simply a type of holders are also termed as slots, which have been soldered to the motherboard most of the times. The sockets are built to exactly match a card or a chip. CPU socket is open for the CPU (processor) to be inserted in it. There are some other open sockets i.e. slots which are used for RAM and PCI interface cards. The idea of a socket is, that you can install a component directly on the motherboard without needing special tools. The component has to be pushed carefully and firmly into the socket, and will then hopefully stay there.

Plugs, connectors and ports

The motherboard also contains a number of inputs and outputs, to which various equipments can be connected. Most ports (also called I/O ports) can be seen where they end in a connector at the back of the PC. There are given below:
  • Ports for the keyboard and mouse.
  • Serial ports, the parallel port, and USB ports.
  • Sockets for speakers/microphone etc.
Generally, the various connectors are soldered onto the motherboard, so that the external components, like the keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers, etc., can be connected directly to the motherboard. In addition to these sockets, connectors and ports, the motherboard contains a number of other contacts. These include:

  • The big connector which supplies the motherboard with power from the power supply.
  • Other connectors for the diskette drive, hard disk, CD-ROM drive, etc.
  • So-called jumpers, which are used on some motherboards to configure voltage and various operating speeds, etc. 
  • A number of pins used to connect the reset button, LED for hard disk activity, built-in speaker, etc.
Motherboard Guide Pic

Motherboard Guide Pic

Buying a MotherBoard

Most of the motherboards on the market are produced in Taiwan or China, Taiwan is said the leader in the area of motherboards. The first issue to work out is, which CPU you want to use. For example, if you want to use an Intel CPU or processor, there is one line of motherboards you can choose between which support Intel CPU. If you choose an AMD CPU, there is another line of motherboards which support AMD CPU. And the difference lies in which chipset is being used in the motherboard, so you need to choose the motherboard very carefully for which processor you want to buy.

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