Specifications of CORSAIR brand - CORSAIR 750 D Cabinet (Dealer's Price: INR 14300)

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for INR 16900

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The detailed specifications of Corsair 750 d cabinet along with its price for May 2022 and offering dealer details are given below:

Brand Name: CORSAIR
Model Name: 750 D
Specification: CORSAIR 750 D Cabinet
Unit Price:
 ₹ 14300
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for INR 16900
Tax: Including
Min. Quantity: Minimum quantity required to buy - 1
Presently In Stock: Yes
Condition: Brand New
Where to Buy / Price Offered by: Where to buy Corsair 750 d cabinet:
Dealer - Noor Info Systems
Contact Person: Raj Kumar
Address: 3rd Floor, Vishal Bhawan
Nehru Place,
New Delhi
Mobile Numbers: 9991945990, 
Land-line Phone Numbers: 9991945990
Dealer Email ID:
Dealer Description: Noor Info Systems is a computer hardware company which deals in computer hardware and peripheral in India. The main point and salient feature of this company is that it is the best in the price and quality.
Dealer Website: https://noorinfosystems.com

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